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Circular Economy of Water

"Non-chemical water treatment is the future for sustainable biosphere"

Athan Bloom

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Nanoresonance Industries follow the mission of environmental regeneration for the biosphere's sustainability. Our goal is to create eco-friendly solutions for natural water systems by implementing physical processes and naturally occurring chemical reactions while avoiding the use of any toxic chemical additives harming nature.

Going beyond the common CHEMICAL and BIOLOGICAL controls that are often applied to treat wastewater and algal blooms, we are introducing new science-based technologies encompassing PHYSICAL control.


We apply technologies that a use principals of physics that eliminate the use of harmful chemicals by using cavitation, vortex, plasma, inductance, nano bubbles,  nanomaterials, ozone and frequency. Its innovative physical process reduces processing time, adapting to any terrain or existing structure and covers a wide range of contaminated water.

Water molecule (H2O) is composed of oxygen (O) and hydrogen (H) atoms. Following natural water properties, we apply principals of physics to dissolve elements, and decontaminate wastewater or algal blooms. Reactive oxygen species (ROS) are used for chemical oxidation reactions (e.g., ozone, hydrogen peroxide, Brown's gas) created by ozone generators, HHO generators, nano-bubbles, air diffusors and ultrasound. Whereas, hydrogen gas (H2) is created to drive chemical reduction reactions neutralizing nitrates, sulphates and other contaminants.

Water treatment technologies

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  • Eco-friendly, free-of-chemicals, regenerating water structure and quality methods for industrial, urban, agricultural, drinking, and environmental applications

  • Non-chemical water PURIFICATION and DETOXIFICATION

  • Water DISINFECTION by mechanical vibration (ultrasound) and frequency​

  • ​Applies quantum-based physical liquid treatment to create Resonant water

  • Increases water fluidity by 3 - 7 %

  • Suitable for large water/fluid volumes > 50 L

  • Regenerates water properties as of ultimate natural SOLVENT with coherent molecular structure

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