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Dr. Eliseo Bonilla


Projects and Patents:
Dr. Bonilla has developed a total of 211 projects, some of them have been patented and others have patents pending. These projects include Magnetic Resonance, minerals, superconductors, integrated circuits and medical projects.

Published Books:

  1. The Aurora Borealis on the North Pole and how different materials are affected by.

  2. ECM Systems Technology for Ground Radar.

  3. Rare Earths Crystalographic Growth (high carbon, high temperature lathe).

  4. Solid State Microwave Design

  5. Magnetic Resonance Cavities.

  6. Water and Sewage, Sytems and Technology in the last 5000 years. (A historical synthesis).


The devices are constructed with various materials and programming for the intended purpose or product. 

For the Fluid Conditioner technology, the device has an external frequency generator that supplies a pulse to modulate through a solenoid which has 2 terminals.
Copper wires are wrapped together in parallel plus a number of stranded wires are covered with a special varnish for insulation. This coating forms a great number of air pockets between the copper wire and stranded wire and creates a waveguide for high-frequency transmission.

The device is additionally comprised of superconductive materials in each toroid with electromagnetic materials that respond as a conductor of current purposed to produce a field of energy transmission.
A feedback signal is created and it returns to the basic generator, adjusting the frequency required.
This induces a current in the toroid’s generating a spherical magnetic field. When this field collapses, it produces a major magnetic spike that excites one of the modules. This module has millions of conical cavities that multiply the incoming signal and induce the frequency back into the fluid with tremendous power.

The function of the module is to provide continuous transmission between the superconductive minerals and elements within different layers of enriched resin.

For water application, the system can be designed to modify water by changing the frequencies for specific needs such as water purification.

For wastewater application, the system is designed for disinfection, demineralization, and removal of solids.
This treated wastewater is suitable for irrigation or any agricultural purpose.

For hydrocarbons, the technology modifies the energy state of the combustion material to produce more heat with less byproduct due to more efficient combustion. The resulting efficiency saves up to 7% on fuel costs and reduces emissions up to 60%.

For industrial water plants, we bring together a specially developed process that utilizes various devices that each complement the process of non-chemical water treatment for large capacity wastewater plants, mobile water plants, and industrial water management solutions.

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