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Water Ripples


Nanoresonance offers chemical-free water treatment solutions

for irrigation to improve water and energy efficiency of agricultural sector


Nanoresonance creates measurable contribution to Sustainable Development Goals by addressing agricultural water impact in the following ways:

1. Decreasing the volume of water needed for irrigation by up to 30% depending on the irrigation system design and soil properties.

2. Reducing the maintenance required for irrigating systems by up to 90% due to anti-corrosion and anti-scaling effect of conditioned water.

3. Improving the quality of irrigation water by lessening hardness and enhancing the solubility and bioavailability of essential nutrients for crop growth.

       The Fluid Conditioner device

  • It is equipped with powerful electro-magnets and superconductors

  • The electrical box is programmed to create electromagnetic resonance and control specific frequencies

  • It alters water's molecular structure and improves its thermodynamic properties beyond the capabilities of traditional wet chemistry methods


Desalination of Water & Softer Soil

Efficiently converting brackish and saline water into irrigation water. Altered state of water enhances the ability to permeate soil and reach plant roots more efficiently.

Higher Solubility of Fertilizers

Conditioned water dissolves more nutrients, reducing fertilizer requirements by ensuring plants can more efficiently absorb the available nutrients.

Higher Fluidity of Water

Changes in the state of water lead to the decrease of surface tension and viscosity, while the increase of fluidity. This means easier pumping and lower electricity consumption across water-related operations.

Removal of Corrosion and Scaling

Permanent removal and prevention of scale and corrosion maintain pipe surfaces clean and rust-free, extending equipment lifespan, while reducing maintenance and chemical use in one efficient step.

Enhancing Water Efficiency with Nanoresonance's Solutions

Hands in the Soil

Innovating Beyond Water Quality and Quantity Towards a New State of Water

Nanoresonance distinguishes itself from existing technologies by not just making changes to common methods, but fundamentally altering the thermodynamic properties of water, setting a new standard in the field of non-chemical water treatment.


New environmental metrics for water quality should integrate a holistic scientific perspective, recognizing the potential of electromagnetic resonance and frequencies to influence water's thermodynamic properties. This mirrors the transformative processes observed in nature's water cycle, advocating for a more comprehensive standard in water treatment.


We aim to drive socio-economic growth by developing green infrastructure that harnesses magnetic resonance and frequency science for clean water and energy.

Environmental Impact

  • Reducing chemical runoff helps maintain the quality of natural water bodies, benefiting biodiversity and ecosystem health.

  • Decarbonization by reducing electricity use for water pumping and treatment.

Economic Impact

  • Less water usage cuts procurement costs.

  • Efficient irrigation saves money and may boost yields.

  • Energy conservation reduces costs.

  • Minimal maintenance lowers system downtime.

  • No chemical additives mean minimum operational costs once the device is installed.

Social Impact

  • Healthy soils are crucial to sustaining agriculture and community well-being.

  • Resilient agriculture bolsters food security and community livelihoods.

Water Filter Maintenance



Our current client base is primarily in Mexico, and we are actively seeking opportunities to extend our market reach to Europe, the USA, and Australia.


Let's expand eco-innovations together!

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