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Corporate values

The ingredients of our authentic corporate culture include fairness, safety, integrity, responsibility, passion, humility, respect, and professionalism. Our values are built into our corporate DNA. They speak about who we are and guide us in our partnerships and actions.


Mr. Athan Bloom


Management, Corporate Governance, Innovation, R&D,
Strategic Commercialization, Business development


Mr. Bloom represents over 20 years of research and patented technologies applied to large-scale government, municipal and environmental projects. He has over a decade of experience overseeing the manufacturing of technology, research and development labs, contracts, and investment projects to include on-demand hydrogen technology, advanced water treatment, and solutions utilizing technologies based on applied physics. Through direct funding and strong relationships, he has managed multiple projects, installations, research and development, and prototyping of technologies. Today he is driven by the understanding that these technologies create a foundation to provide unequaled solutions for a sustainable environment and in harmony with nature. He serves as the Chief Executive Officer of Nanoresonance Industries.

Mr. Alfredo Bonilla

Mexico Congressional Advisor for water management and Sustainability, Manufacturing, R&D, Researcher

Mr. Alfredo Bonilla holds an MBA from Harvard Business School. He is an innovator and expert in factory operations with over 15 years of direct experience in manufacturing and project management with his father and Technology inventor Dr. Eliseo Bonilla. His MBA was focused on environmental affairs specializing in wastewater treatment systems and solids management. Mr. Bonilla is the president of a developing technology organization and international university student study programs. He has been a speaker in diverse symposiums, for universities, governments, and associations on topics such as hazard prevention, water management, RGMX, and project methodology. For the past 10 years, he has collaborated with the RGMX, in events called MEXICANOS EXPRESANDO SUS IDEAS. He serves as the managing partner and Chief Manufacturing Officer for Nanoresonance Industries.

Mr. Harry Ohls

Quality assurance, Project oversight, technical process engineering, advisory

Mr. Harry Ohls holds an MS in System Engineering Processes and has over 20 years in Quality Assurance. Harry served ten years as a Mission Assurance Manager and Project Manager for JPL, NASA, where he provided compliance oversight for the European Command and Control System, and for the Lab’s Financial and Administration System, and other Projects in the $600M to $800M range. His expertise in Nanoresonance Industries is invaluable, in particular his project oversight role as senior staff management and Chief Quality Officer  CQO.

Dr. Jarosław Tomalik

CTO - Chief Technical Officer EU

Dr. Jarosław Tomalik has a Ph.D. from the Wrocław University of Technology. He has 15 years of experience in the field of research of Green technologies and innovative solutions and extensive engineering knowledge in the field of mechanics, fluid mechanics and the latest technologies used in the energy industry for the energy sector. He coauthored construction of innovative water turbines for Innovation Norway. Jaroslaw is the C.E.O and co-owner of HYDROERGIA, which specializes in water turbines, micronization mills, drying devices and general contracting of turnkey investments in the renewable energy sector, and is a three-time winner of GreenEvo - a green technology accelerator, a competition organized by the Polish Minister of the Environment. The company received the Gryf Dolnośląski award for the most innovative company in Lower Silesia. In 2016, it obtained the status of a research and development center granted by the Minister of Development. It also obtained the title of the Polish Company of the Future in the Socially Responsible Company category. 

Dr. Ekaterina Markelova

President EU/ CSO - Chief Sustainability Officer

Dr. Ekaterina Markelova holds two Ph.D.(s) in Earth, Environment & Universe from the University of Waterloo (Canada) and the University Grenoble Alpes (France). She is an interdisciplinary and open-minded professional in biogeochemistry, who is developing environmental-friendly water technologies and assessing the impact of business and industrial activities on the environment. She is a certified educator of National Geographic, a professor and the director of the “Sustainable Business Strategies” international school at Samara State Aerospace University in Russia, and an advisor on Environment & Sustainability for business & government. Dr. Markelova is a public speaker at international conferences and Round Tables, as well as a scientific editor and reviewer of water-related work. Being a reviewer of environmental policies & business strategies, she develops a roadmap for the global ecosystem. 

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