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Green Hydrogen Economy

The efficiency of Hydrogen gas production by Nanoresonance Industreis is 8 - 10 times higher with less electricity required

Classic methods require a flow rate of 4-5 kWHm3 gas. In contrast, we average 0,5 kWHm3 ga


Nanoresonance Industries provide the development of a comprehensive and effective technology for modifying the molecular structure of water and a high-efficiency line for the production and storage of energy from hydrogen.

Hydrogen Magnetic Resonance Technology is based on our patented technology, which changes the molecular structure of water molecules, enabling conversion into hydrogen and oxygen, with far less input energy consumption than conventional methods. It's not just Hydrogen itself, but a combination of technology and frequency applications to produce something much more powerful.


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Nanoresonance Hydrogen Electrolysers

Our standard cells consume between 300 to 500 watts, and produce up to 3.5 liters per minute (LPM) of Hydrogen gas

For the system displayed as the 16 cell system, the system consumes 2400-4000 watts with an output of up to 24-28 LPM.

These results have been achieved without the application of any carbon-based materials. It is a current R&D project to enhance hydrogen production by modifying the electroplates with nano-carbon material.

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CASE-STUDY: Diesel fuel for Kenworth trucks

27% savings in diesel fuel

A comparison of two Kenworth trucks that were used with Detroit Diesel Series 60 Cruise Power 430-470 HP.

One truck was retrofitted with Hydrogen generator, while the other one was used unchanged as a control. Each truck was fully loaded with double trailers containing beer (25 tons of cargo) for a total gross vehicle weight of 80 tones.

The comparative results between the fuel consumption by two trucks demonstrated about 27% savings of diesel fuel.

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